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IEWC will make sure that the show goes on with our full line of high-performance wire, cable and wire management products for the entertainment and stage lighting market.

Throughout the entertainment industry, lighting technology and usage are constantly evolving. Industries such as motion pictures, television, theaters and night clubs continue to push the boundaries with increasingly large lighting rigs and performance demands which can place undue stress on electrical components. Ensuring that your product is built with a high performance wire and cable solution can be the difference between a successful production or a show-stopping blackout.

IEWC stocks a full line of lead-wire, power cable & portable cord, and wire management products from the top manufacturers to ensure your lighting rig fits your application and conditions.

Flexibility, water and sunlight resistance, ease of handling, and ability to withstand hazardous environmental conditions are just a few of the characteristics available in IEWC’s offering. Our wire and cable are also certified or compliant for UL, CSA, and RoHS.

Lighting is applied for a diverse range of entertainment applications, including stage and set lighting, film and broadcast lighting and video-based effects and displays. IEWC’s technically knowledgeable sales and FABTECH teams are available to help ensure your purchase is appropriate for your application.

Wire and cable are often the last components to be considered for an entertainment or stage lighting rig. Don’t let them compromise results. IEWC serves to ensure you have the right wire, cable, and wire management products, right when you need them.

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IEWC stocks a full line of high-performance wire, cable and wire management products to service OEMs and sub-assemblers throughout the aerospace and defense market.