Medical Equipment

IEWC offers quality wire, cable and wire management solutions to ensure that your equipment delivers safe and accurate patient outcomes.

The medical equipment market provides many opportunities for growth with instruments, devices, diagnostics, and software used in diagnosis, prevention monitoring or treatment. Emerging markets are fueling growth as they adopt technology that was previously beyond economic reach. Meanwhile, aging populations in established markets like North America and Western Europe have helped maintain demand for medical equipment. These more mature markets also lead the way in new technology adoption.

Challenges do persist in order to capitalize on this growth. Patient and staff safety is paramount for all equipment. Medical professionals demand the very best in clinical efficacy and consistency. Connectivity to medical records is a requirement in many markets – creating an opportunity for differentiation, but also increasing the complexity of design and operation. Manufacturers must also navigate a complicated regulatory landscape in each market they serve.

Increased price sensitivity in all markets puts strain on manufacturers' supply chains and design decisions. Improving ease of use is a must to decrease operating costs for healthcare providers, especially in emerging markets. Finally, medical equipment is often highly complex and requires a significant capital investment for hospitals and care centers. Consequently, downtime is extremely expensive.

IEWC provides product application solutions to meet these demands, including lead wire, control cable, communications cable, fiber optics and wire management for monitoring systems, control and timing systems, patient positioning and data and image transmission.

Your wire, cable and wire management applications must conform to these globally demanding customer expectations and exacting government regulations. With local expertise and a global network of distribution centers, IEWC provides the quality and the service you need to meet rising customer demands while streamlining your manufacturing and supply chain processes.

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Medical equipment such as CT scanners, Ultrasounds, Dialysis, MRI and X-Ray machines are used in hospitals around the world to help diagnose and treat millions of patients. Make sure your medical equipment is wired for a clean bill of health with IEWC’s full line of wire, cable and wire management products for manufacturers and sub-assemblers throughout the medical industry.