• Hybrid to the antenna applications
  • Primary trunk cables & topside jumpers
  • Solutions designed around your network

In-Building Plenum UL® Listed

  • Private LTE, iDAS & digital electricity
  • Point to point or mesh topologies solutions
  • Construction improving speed of deployment

Outdoor PLTC UL® Listed

  • Private LTE, oDAS & digital electricity
  • Small cell 4G/5G deployment
  • Cables designed to exceed municipality requirements

Associated Products

  • Fiber Optic Management
  • IP68 rated fiber & power enclosures
  • Fiber optic tie cables and jumpers
  • RG Flex® DC power cable
  • Ascent® AC power cable
  • RF jumpers
  • Racks & hardware
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Included Features

  • Remote Radio Head "RRH" OEM shrouds
  • Network or project specific designs
  • LC/SC/CS/SN/MDC/MTP connectors
  • Online fiber fest results portal
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Tested To Meet The Following Standards

Industries We Serve

Telecom & Broadband

Data Centers

Grid Renewal

Temporary Power