FTTA Capabilities

CABLCON HybriLite® fiber to the antenna products provide solutions for the most challenging applications and environments. Cables designed around your network requirement, HybriLite® is available in a multitude of configurations. Each design specification meeting industry certifications & ratings as defined by UL® and the IEC. All HybriLite® primary trunk and topside jumper assemblies are manufactured in one of our U.S. based ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certified manufacturing plants. Our manufacturing process and component level products in the fiber optic assembly portion are designed and tested to GR-326-CORE I4 as well as the IEC-61300 3-35 standard for end face cleanliness. Product test records are maintained and available online @ As a domestic manufacturer, CABLCON reduces both material cost as well as soft costs. We provide quick-turn custom length assemblies reducing your excess cable, excess freight and time in the field managing unnecessary cable.

Type & Count Any type & unlimited fiber count Unlimited # of listed conductors Unlimited # of listed conductors Unlimited # of listed jacketed sub-cables
Wire AWG 18 to 4/0 AWG Single & Multimode Wire AWG 18 to 4/0 AWG Wire AWG 18 to 4/0 AWG Wire AWG 18 to 4/0 AWG
Temperature rating 75° C 90° C 90° C 90° C
Insulations Buffer TPE & PVC PVC, PVC/Nylon, HFPE, XLPE & FEP PVC, PVC/Nylon, HFPE, XLPE & FEP PVC, PVC/Nylon, HFPE, XLPE & FEP
Shielding of copper sub-cables and of the overall cable is permitted
Cable Jacket Options PVC & LSZH PVC, TPE, CPE, FEP, Thermoset & Thermoplastic Halogen Free
Optical fibers may be comprised of 250μ, 900μ, 1.6mm, 2mm & 3mm or multi-fiber sub-cables
Low Inductance coaxial power conductors
Other elements such as alarm pairs, Thermocouple & RTD wire
Shield types include: braids, foil/drain, helical & corrugated copper tapes, bronze tapes
Strength members as hoisting and hanging aids include aramid & steel cords and braids
Cables available with oil resistant and sunlight resistant jackets
Fire rated & marked FT4/IEEE1202
Cables may be armored - Interlock aluminum and galvanized steel