In order to navigate the evolving automotive industry, IEWC has numerous solutions available to automotive assembly houses and OEMs. We offer a broad range of products that meet SAE, ISO, JASO and automotive OEM specifications, ensuring you have the correct product for your application, no matter the OEM platform. Extensive inventory of such products and our  Automated Inventory  Replenishment ( IEWC AIR®) allows us to help you manage ebbs and flows in your demand. And with IEWC's 20 global locations, we can support, and even help transition, your requirements regardless of production location.

For 60 years, IEWC has worked with our customers to offer complete solutions for their wire, cable and wire management needs. With local expertise and a global network of distribution centers, IEWC provides the personalized service and support you need to get the job done right. Discover the difference it makes when IEWC is on “Your Team”.

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