Wire Twisting

Twisting is the process of laying multiple wires together. If your wire and cable is being used for data communication, clarity of transmissions can be a problem. Cross talk, interference, and electric charge build up can all cause problems. Twisting wires can help mitigate these issues. Twisting reduces signal noise allowing you to communicate without interruption. ​

Twisting wires eases handling and cuts down on installation time. IEWC can twist up to 6 conductors to meet your needs. ​

Multiple wires being twisted together by a machine.

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IEWC has the ability to twist between 2 and 6 conductors with twist lay lengths ranging from 0.2 to 6.75 inches depending on the wire AWG and type. While the standard twist lay is left, a twist with a lay of right can also be done upon request. 

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